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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Look at this beautiful six page thread!

I enjoyed the change of perspective this episode offered, as well as the chance to look inside the Psi Cops training center ... Although, as Elipsis remarked upthread, this episode does turn into your average, run-of-the-mill, "we must hunt down a rogue telepath on Babylon 5" episode ... And that Psi Cops training facility is surprisingly mundane-looking! I thought the signs on the wall were a bit silly, especially the ones that just say "Obey". I would have expected the Psi Corps to be a bit more subtle in their indoctrination methods.

I agree with Bab5nutz that telepaths who were discovered later in life are probably not as on board with hating the mundanes as some others. The Psi Corps is all about replacing family, but I would imagine that people who lived with their mundane families for a long time still have a great deal of love for those people. It'd be a lot harder to get them into the us-vs-them mindset. We learn in this episode that Bester has been with the Corps pretty much since birth, which could explain some things.

Also like Bab5nutz, I have many questions about just how the telepath genes work, but I suppose that if that background stuff was never written down or worked out in detail, we can only ever speculate.

The way that young woman hits on Bester creeps me the hell out. It makes sense for him to have fangirls among the young trainees, and I like that that's in there, but it's just uncomfortable to watch. Clearly she's firmly in the "ehh, mundanes, whatever" camp, and so eager to please that she spaces a mundane like it's nothing. Also creepy.

We never really learn anything about low-rated telepaths inside Psi Corps. Both inside the Corps and among rogues we see telepaths sticking together. I kinda wonder if there's a lot of discontent among the Psi Corps telepaths with low ratings. They presumably have very limited job opportunities and they're stuck at the bottom of this strict hierarchy. They're probably not experimented on as much as some of the higher rated telepaths, but they're presumably also considered more expendable. They're practically mundanes, after all. I could imagine some resentment growing, under those conditions.
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