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Re: EpDis: The Ragged Edge

It is indeed entirely possible that all the interviewing and stuff took place "off camera", and that Dr. Franklin has been thinking about this for a long long time, without it being mentioned on the show. It also seems quite plausible that he would get the job if he applied for it, as he seems to have the right qualifications. It's just the way it was phrased that I took issue with "He asked me to take over for him" makes it sound like Dr. Kyle singlehandedly took care of arranging for his own replacement. A retiring person isn't typically on the search committee that seeks to fill their position .. not here and now, anyway. Maybe in the B5 universe that's a common thing.

You could also easily assume that by "he asked me to take over for him", what Dr. Franklin really means is that Dr. Kyle called him a while back to tell him he was retiring and to encourage him to apply for the position, but all that detail didn't fit into the script so well Yea, I'm just being overly nitpick-ey.
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