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Re: EpDis: A Tragedy Of Telepaths

It IS great to see Na'Toth again. It was kind of weird for that character to just disappear, never to be mentioned again, even in all the chaos of the Narn-Centauri war. It is sort of funny how Londo feels the need to explain, with fairly long and detailed anecdotes, how stuff works around the palace, and how orders just sort of stick forever, while Na'Toth is just sitting there, shackled.

I agree with Estelyn that Lochley is great in this, and it works well having her logs at the beginning and end. Still, I have to put in the obligatory "This storyline could have been SO AMAZING with Ivanova" here. Ah well.

When I started watching this episode today I thought "Urgh, it's one of those telepath episodes", but it's really not that bad There isn't that much of Byron in it, and he isn't being all arrogant ... Plus, it has Bester. Episodes with Bester are always fun ... for a certain value of "fun".

I find it a bit hard to accept Byron's insistence on non-violence, when he clearly has no problems with invading other people's minds and blackmailing them. It's a type of violence, too.

I like that the Alliance is having such problems. That is to say, I feel for the people trying to hold it together, but it does seem realistic. In the real world, revolutions are never clean, and don't end in "happily ever after". I do NOT like to see the League ambassadors once again reduced to a bunch of bumbling fools. They fall for all the tricks, and our heroes have to save them/explain matters to them. I'm not too crazy about those plots, but ehh, I can deal
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