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Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind

Yes, I bet there would be all kinds of interesting and complicated political issues to deal with ...

I guess we just don't know enough about how citizenship works in the B5 universe (or maybe that actually is discussed in some book I haven't read and it's just that *I* don't know enough about citizenship in the B5 universe) to speculate on the exact details of such a scenario. Presumably there is some way in which a sentient being can acquire citizenship on an alien planet. The human telepaths wouldn't necessarily have to remain citizens of Earth (or whichever [former] Earth colony they were from), although, as you say, under the terms of the Alliance the other Alliance worlds are presumably required to turn over wanted criminals regardless of citizenship. Presumably. But I also feel like membership in the Alliances requires planetary governments to not oppress their own populations (or certain groups within those populations), so maybe there IS something that could be done within the Alliance framework .. I don't know

I'm sure that it is extremely disappointing to lots of people - not just telepaths - that the happy moment of Earth's crooked government being overthrown didn't also include the dismantling of the Psi Corps. Everyone can clearly see that that situation is problematic, but no one wants to do anything about it .. or perhaps they don't know how. It's interesting how the top people in Psi Corps get to be in power by oppressing the telepaths "below" them right along with the mundanes, so there's all these conflicting interests at play. It's what makes Psi Corps such an interesting fictional organisation.
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