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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
You could argue I spose that potentially ending the series after season 4 ment that JMS reduced any resentment from Lennier in season 4 he might have planned.
This had never occurred to me ... Interesting suggestion!

In terms of playing off of a moral naivety I think JMS did that well with Ivanova prior to this. Her extreme reaction to the situation with Marcus works because its not just a personal loss but someone with a similar kind of black/white world view judging themselves in a negative manner.

In Ivanova's case we do get some hint to resolution with taking up the Ranger One position, with the lack of follow up to Lennier we don't really get this.
I'm not sure if I would agree that Ivanova's reaction is "extreme". That whole situation is sort of "extreme" so I don't know what a "normal" reaction would be ... I do agree that we get some resolution with her character, but not for Lennier. I would have loved to have seen more of him, but you can't resolve every chararcter's storyline, I suppose.

Originally Posted by deaded View Post

I think that's exactly it and I'm not sure why you have a hard time grasping that since you are obviously very intelligent and have excellent taste 8-) Maybe you are looking at marriage from the inside, not from the perspective of the shucked oyster shell. I'm certain Lennier thought that eventually she would come around and see him in a different light. From his perspective she slammed the door in his face. She made a forever promise to someone else. Essentially (in Lennier's mind), by getting married Delenn was saying to him, "You will never be any closer to me than this. Stop where you are. There is officially and permanently no hope that I will ever love you."

Marriage is pretty serious, I imagine especially to a Minbari. I would submit that a person who has had a divorce (or even thinks that divorce is an option) could not really appreciate the solidity or finality that an untainted romantic makes it out to be.
I'm totally willing to accept that the problem is with me, and not with the writing here (my obvious excellent taste notwithstanding ). Clearly I have never been an untainted romantic ... Or I can't remember being one, anyway!

Also, excellent point about how marriage ceremonies are probably rather different in Minbari culture. I imagine that marriage means rather more to the average Minbari than it does to me.
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