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Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind

It only just now occurred to me that Byron's clothes are much more late 20th century-looking than any of the other humans' clothes. I'm guessing he's dressing all retro-like on purpose. I actually quite like his style. Too bad about the arrogance

I really don't know why Byron thought it would be a good idea to invade everyone's thoughts and then blackmail them. Did he really think that was going to work, or was he just tired of asking nicely and getting nowhere?

I always kind of assumed that the telepaths asking for a homeworld of their own wasn't that big a deal, surely there'd be lots of planets they could have ... But Sheridan's reaction in this episode, and the discussion upthread makes me now doubt that. Perhaps there aren't all THAT many planets?

It isn't clear to me if this homeworld is supposed to be for HUMAN telepaths or all telepaths. It's possible that that was discussed in some prior episode, but I have forgotten.

I agree with Truthseeker above (and with Lyta in this episode). It's the Vorlons who created the telepaths. They're long gone. It's the Earth government that screwed over human telepaths. It would be entirely appropriate to be angry at them. But, the league ambassadors? Yes, all the league worlds benefited from the telepaths' sacrifice during the telepath war, but that doesn't really have anything to do with anything ... It would make more sense if these human telepaths were aligned with telepaths from other worlds, who may have legitimate grievances with their own governments. We don't really know much about non-human telepaths. Minbari telepaths seem to be doing pretty well ... Centauri telepaths probably not so much (I'm thinking of those poor women who accompany the emperor, and are essentially born into service). We don't really know what is going on with any non-human telepaths.

To directly answer the question of why I dislike the Byron character (and I've probably said this elsewhere, so apologies for the repetition), it's not that I don't think his cause is just, it's mostly just his "eruditer-than-thou" attitude that really rubs me the wrong way. Also the cult leader stuff skeeves me out. I kind of feel like he did to Lyta what he accuses everyone else of doing to Lyta: He exploited her vulnerability to get with her (that might not be entirely fair to her character, but it still sort of feels that way to me).

As for the Centauri storyline ... it's pretty tense, but also kind of funny with the G'Kar stuff in there. I agree with Alioth that the scenes with Londo and the regent are quite moving. I really love the Regent Virini character. I used to have that line from him from this very episode as my signature on a bunch of things ... Perhaps I should use it here too. "I think we are well beyond pastels now". That about sums it up, right there.

I really like all the Centauri characters in this. They are so ... Centauri. Jano especially seems like he's overacting a bit, but it fits with the Centauri character.
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