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Re: Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

Originally Posted by deaded View Post

(your second photo didn't post)
Yea, sorry about that. I was kinda trying out the image posting features of the board. The attached image was actually a smaller version of the same photo. I tried posting via attachment first but I didn't see an option to embed in the text, so I hotlinked instead. But, I hotlinked from Facebook, and those links always stop working within a matter of days, so I also left the attachment. I'm not sure why it's broken.

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post

The impression I'v always gotten is that in the US there was a lot more of a "fanboy" divide between Trek and B5 with fans of the former not wanting to acknowledge the latter. I'v never picked up as much of this elsewhere and perhaps it partly explains why B5 did relatively better here in Europe? I certainly never felt a desire to choose between them and enjoyed both even if B5 was my favourite.
I think I've commented elsewhere on this board that I wasn't in the US when B5 first aired either, and I have much the same experience as you. I didn't really become aware of the deep rift between the fandoms until later. I can still sort of sense that in people my age or older (I'm 36), but does that rift still exist among young people? For those who started watching science fiction shows when both B5 and DS9 were old news, would any of that stuff really matter?

The kind of locations the shows were using did I'd guess have an impact on the overall design aesthetic. TNG's sleek bright minimalism worked very well for the bridge and engineering but was I felt a bit too bright and plain for personal quarters/offices where I think B5's darker aesthetic was more successful plus of course a lot of locations like the Zocalo that TNG didn't have to deal with.
I love the Zocalo sets .. I'm a little less enthusiastic about all the Down Below stuff, and the low traffic areas, which are always full of crates. Rearrange the crates and you have a new set! That said, there are some Down Below scenes that look really good, also. I love the aesthetics in that "One moment of perfect beauty" scene from There All the Honor Lies ( Also the bits with Brother Edward at the end of Passing Through Gethsemane.

I like what we get to see of everyone's personal quarters. I like how they're all personalized to fit the characters. You can still see the Babylon 5 standard interior, but it's mostly covered up with personal stuff. Some effort went into that set design.
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