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Re: Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
I agree, the minimalist set of the TNG bridge works really well ... and it should, because as you say, rather a lot of the action takes place on that bridge. Those chairs look really comfortable, too.

Still, I find the C&C set quite charming, even with all its odd displays and old timey headsets and everything else I think I like the colors ... and that window design.

A couple of years ago I was at New York Comic Con, taking a shuttle to the hotel. There were some young people sitting in front of me, discussing their favorite sci fi shows. They called Babylon 5 "SUPER cheesy". However, as I recall, they did like Star Trek TOS and TNG. Talk about cheesy! I'm not the kind of person who butts into other people's conversations, but I kinda wanted to, because I was very puzzled Both of those shows are older than B5 (with some slight overlap between season 7 of TNG and season 1 of B5), and you can definitely tell.

Bonus picture of my TV (I had that handy .. it was easier than trying to get a screenshot )

I'm OK with the controls ... I can sort of pretend that those are some super duper high tech touchscreens
The impression I'v always gotten is that in the US there was a lot more of a "fanboy" divide between Trek and B5 with fans of the former not wanting to acknowledge the latter. I'v never picked up as much of this elsewhere and perhaps it partly explains why B5 did relatively better here in Europe? I certainly never felt a desire to choose between them and enjoyed both even if B5 was my favourite.

The kind of locations the shows were using did I'd guess have an impact on the overall design aesthetic. TNG's sleek bright minimalism worked very well for the bridge and engineering but was I felt a bit too bright and plain for personal quarters/offices where I think B5's darker aesthetic was more successful plus of course a lot of locations like the Zocalo that TNG didn't have to deal with.

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