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Re: Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

I agree, the minimalist set of the TNG bridge works really well ... and it should, because as you say, rather a lot of the action takes place on that bridge. Those chairs look really comfortable, too.

Still, I find the C&C set quite charming, even with all its odd displays and old timey headsets and everything else I think I like the colors ... and that window design.

A couple of years ago I was at New York Comic Con, taking a shuttle to the hotel. There were some young people sitting in front of me, discussing their favorite sci fi shows. They called Babylon 5 "SUPER cheesy". However, as I recall, they did like Star Trek TOS and TNG. Talk about cheesy! I'm not the kind of person who butts into other people's conversations, but I kinda wanted to, because I was very puzzled Both of those shows are older than B5 (with some slight overlap between season 7 of TNG and season 1 of B5), and you can definitely tell.

Bonus picture of my TV (I had that handy .. it was easier than trying to get a screenshot )

I'm OK with the controls ... I can sort of pretend that those are some super duper high tech touchscreens
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