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Re: Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

In terms of FX I actually think B5 benefited a lot from JMS working within the limits of what he could do at that time with that budget. Most of the CGI was limited to space battles that technically are much easier to deal with even back then(well from season 2 on anyway). What helps as well I would say is that whoever was behind creating those battle scenes had a very strong sense of composition, reminds me of the original Starwars films or Wrath of Khan rather than a lot of the jumbled quick cut mess we get today.

What probably shows the age of the show more than anything else is the set design, C&C always looked like a bunch of prints stuck to the walls. That said B5 never shooting on location or attempting to fake landscapes means it avoided some of the more comic Trek pitfalls.

Honestly one thing I find myself enjoying more and more with B5 recently is the very fact that the whole thing is done in somewhat of a pulpy style. The new Hollywood style TV is often great to watch can sometimes be a little lacking in charm.

In retrospect B5 doesn't just feel like a signpost to where TV was going with the scope and extended format but also a sendoff to where it had been.
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