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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

I wouldn't go so far as to call Cartagia a "lift" of Caligula. I see obvious similarities, but there have been other such mad tyrant characters throughout human history. There's been lots of them in fiction, too. I don't think that necessarily makes any one such character "unoriginal".

When I look at the Centauri, I see Romans (well, I see some similarities with SOME aspects of Roman society during the early empire), because that's what I'm (somewhat) familiar with. I imagine someone with a different background might see something else, entirely! That is not to say I think Romans were NOT an inspiration when the Centauri were written. JMS exists in the same world we do, and, being from the US, would by necessity be influenced by stories from western history. But, there'd be a lot of other stuff in his background, too.

I love the whole Centauri "concept", one of the best alien races in TV history. I guess we know more about them than any other of the B5 aliens, except perhaps the Minbari. And I really love Cartagia ... I may have mentioned that a time or two
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