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Re: Could/Should Sleeping in Light have been kept in Season 4?

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I could see ending season 4 with Sleeping in Light it potentially helping there as you don't have to be as obvious trying to restart the story or get more drama behind Sheridan/Delenn.
The sense of restarting the story came because many of the major plot lines had been wrapped up by the end of season 4, I don't think running SiL earlier would alter that. The civil war and Shadow War would still be over, rather than continuing into season 5 as they were mean to, so new plot lines had to start with that air of the series being rebooted slightly. Season 5 didn't focus all that much on Sheridan and Delenn anyway, they spent most of their time on the sidelines reacting to events happening around them. It was Lyta, Byron, Lennier, Londo and Garibaldi who were most in the thick of things and integral to season 5's plots.
True but you could argue that the restart might have taken somewhat of a different form had a more definite line been drawn under the Sheridan/Delenn story. As you say they do naturally move more into the background in season 5 but perhaps a bit more of a shift that direction could have helped?

The very early parts of season 5 focusing more on Sheridan and the alliance did feel more "restartish" to me that some other parts of the story. I did rather feel that way about the Centauri story developing into a major conflict drawing Sheridan and Delenn more into it, I wonder whether focusing things more on Londo might have been more effective.

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