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Re: Could/Should Sleeping in Light have been kept in Season 4?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I think, thematically and even in terms of cinematography, Sleeping in Light works better coming after Rising Star, but at the same time, I think it would be odd to not have it at the very end of the series.

I know when I watched it, I could in a way tell that it was leftover from season 4, but that might have been because I knew it was leftover. It would be interesting to hear from people who discovered the series after it aired whether after watching SiL they felt it was a part of season 4, or followed on fine from the rest of season 5.
You could I spose argue that Babylon 5 did several other "odd" things such as the flash forward to Centaury Prime in WWE revealing so much of the coming story.

Really my point isn't just that Sleeping in Light might have benefited from being included at the end of season 4 but that season 5 might have as well.

The changes that were forced on JMS in season 4 due to potentially having to end the show there clearly altered the nature of season 5 as did Claudia Christian leaving(which itself was likely the result of those changes as well). Ivanova obviously wasn't present and the earlier conclusion of the major stories involving Sheridan and Delenn made them more distant plus the season generally had more of a feeling of restarting the action.

I could see ending season 4 with Sleeping in Light it potentially helping there as you don't have to be as obvious trying to restart the story or get more drama behind Sheridan/Delenn. Rather it becomes a case of acknowledging that the story featuring those characters has been largely resolved and that other characters will be the main driving force for the last season.
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