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Re: Could/Should Sleeping in Light have been kept in Season 4?

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
That's what I ment, unless theres some comment from JMS on the specifics I'v not read exactly to what degree he wrote sleeping in light to be an ideal finish to a 4 season B5 relative to a 5 season version will always be a bit of guesswork. Personally my feeling is that it was more of the former but obviously with the possibility of the latter which was obviously altered even more by CC leaving.
From JMS:

Re: 422...this one is a stand-alone episode which I specifically designed
in order to have the flexibility to air it either as 422 or as 522,
depending on what happens. This way if year 4 is all there is, we get to
where we need to get; if we get year 5, then we shoot 501 and air it in
422's spot, and air 422 in place of 522.

Then there's this from Volume 11 of the B5 script books

I’d held off writing “Sleeping in Light” until the last possible second,
hoping that the warden would come through with a one-year reprieve just as the
clock tolled midnight. I desperately didn’t want to write it to conclude season
four, I wanted it in year five, where it belonged, and committing that story to
paper at this point would be a concession to the forces of inevitability that said
we’d never get our fifth year, proof positive that you can’t buck the odds and win
One of the things he did was to leave 'Sleeping in Light' *unfinished* in order to be able to deal with season 5 without too much of the feeling of the show already being done. In addition, once the editing and CGI and score was done, he'd have had to turn it over to WB and then there would be the risk of it being leaked. Even so, it had to have been hard since he also directed 'Sleeping in Light'.

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