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Re: Could/Should Sleeping in Light have been kept in Season 4?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Except that it was never *intended* to be viewed at the end of season 4. It was always intended to be the series finale, whether at the end of 4 or at the end of 5. The only reason it was filmed during season 4 is because JMS had been told at the very beginning of that season that it would be the end because the PTEN network no longer existed.

No, for me, it's a farewell and best viewed at the end of the documentary.

That's what I ment, unless theres some comment from JMS on the specifics I'v not read exactly to what degree he wrote sleeping in light to be an ideal finish to a 4 season B5 relative to a 5 season version will always be a bit of guesswork. Personally my feeling is that it was more of the former but obviously with the possibility of the latter which was obviously altered even more by CC leaving.

It would definitely have felt a bit strange from have the emotional finale of Sleeping in Light before restarting the story but as I said really most of the best drama/plot in season 5 isn't spoiled.

To me it seemed like part of the strength of B5 was that JMS turned changes like the switch from Sinclair to Sheridan into opportunities. A potential response to having to finish the show in season 4 then having it extended into season 5 would seem to be to shift the focus away from Sheridan/Delnn/Ivanova. I think we saw this naturally happen anyway but ending season 4 with Sleeping in Light would have been a much more definite line in the sand that focus in season 5 would shift.
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