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Could/Should Sleeping in Light have been kept in Season 4?

Theres always been a good bit of discussion of the merits of watching Sleeping in Light at the end of season 4 relative to season 5 but I'm wondering could JMS have actually kept it as the last episode of the former?

Personally I tend to be of the view that Sleeping it Light is most effective viewed at the end of season 4 as originally intended since it clearly feeds into the drama around Sheridan/Delenn and Ivanova that was highest at that point, the characters I would argue it really focuses on most.

To try and bend the fifth season back to its original intension to me always seemed to be somewhat trying to swim uphill, Might it have been better to accept that a change had happened and adapt to it?

To me Sheridan did feel a bit distant in season 5 just due to the nature of his role in the story(grand political reader though out), if you've actually capped his story in season 4 then to me this seems like potentially less of a disadvantage as your more naturally focusing in other characters and generally passing the torch.

There were of course a number of existing story threads for season 5 to tie up but personally I don't think showing Sleeping in Light first would really damage the best of these. Londo's story for example really isn't capped by Sleeping in Light, we see Vir still misses him of course but that's more of a conclusion to his character and if anything adds in a bit of mystery(although of course we know his actual death) as to what is going to happen. Indeed I think that capping Vir's story first actually makes a lot of sense since this is the point where Londo's story moves away from his, where he's less battling his conscience and more facing up to his fate.

The same could be said of Lyta and G'kar who have some of the most interesting plot threads in the fifth season and indeed dispite being featured Garabali isn't really capping his story of addiction. Lennier as well isn't really featured much beyond a quick mention and there was a lot of potential to give his story a bit more time as well.

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