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Re: EpDis: Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?

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I think there are different ways of looking at what Sheridan went through. First there is the symbolism Sheridan has to come back as someone different, changed, to be able to end the Shadow War, so to be reborn he has to die first. I also think it is partly a test of Sheridan, quite similar to the test Sebastian puts him under in Comes the Inquisitor and I don't think it is a coincidence that Wayne Alexander played both characters. Lorien isn't going to waste his time with any dumb schmuck who falls down that hole he wants to know if Sheridan is the right person. Who is he? Why should he live? Delenn gives him a reason to live, just as he was willing to sacrifice himself to save Delenn in Comes the Inquisitor. Maybe there is also a practical aspect Lorien admitted that it might not work, so maybe he needs Sheridan to meet him halfway somehow and have the willpower to stay alive, to have something worth living for.
What I think is notable is the difference between Lorien and Sebastian, the latter really holds the idea of personal sacrifice above everything, that dying for the good cause trumps all other moral philosophy.I think that makes sense coming from someone working for the Vorlons as it ties into there belief of obedience for the greater good although of course besides Kosh they don't hold themselves to the same standards anymore. I think Loriens point is that whilst self sacrifice is important to really to the best for the world(well galaxy) you need to be invested in it, to have something to live for. Only someone who can do that can really speak/act for everyones best interest.

You look at how Sheridan resolves the Shadow/Vorlon war and its not just though self sacrifice but rather trying to foster and understanding of everyone involved really wants from life, most importantly the Shadows/Vorlons themselves.

What I think is also important is that Sheridan is willing to accept the self sacrifice of others, sending Erikson and co to their deaths, the other ships taking the hits from the shadow planet killer, etc. He still takes the risks himself when its for the greater good but I think this goes back to the discussion about him relative to Ivanova at the end of season 4. She can't take self sacrifice from others as well because she's not as emotionally invested in the world as he is as Lorien tries unsuccessfully to point out to her. Her becoming Ranger One at the end of Sleeping in Light is IMHO JMS hinting that she has the potential to follow Sheridan and become really invested in the world accepting the sacrifices of others.

It is interesting comparing these episodes to Deep Space Nine. The first six episodes of B5 season 4 were airing at the same time as the first six episodes of DS9 season six, and both were essentially six episode arcs. I think both moved quite slowly to begin with, but while DS9 meandered until it reached Sacrifice of Angels, B5 was very purposeful in these first six episodes, there is not a scene wasted.
Indeed I think it is quite telling, DS9 obviously gave the conclusion of the Dominion War a lot more time than B5 did the Vorlon/Shadow war but honestly a lot of the time it just felt drawn out to me when the emotional climax was hit at the start of season 6.
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