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Re: EpDis: Divided Loyalties

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
JMS has if I remember correctly always stated that it was a "trap door" for her but beyond that the fact we got Kosh essentially recording her personality in season 1 to me suggests he intended to use the plot at some stage regardless. The obvious plot to me if AT sticks around seems to be that the recording is used to create her original personality, either right away or sometime latter.
Originally, back in the pilot, the sleeper agent was going to be Takashima, and she would have shot Garibaldi in Chrysalis. I think JMS kept hold of the sleeper agent idea, but I haven't read anywhere that he had specifically moved it to Talia until Divided Loyalties – correct me if I am wrong though.
(Edit – some comments on the Lurker's Guide page do indicate that Takashima's sleeper personality plot was moved to Talia between the pilot and the series, but I don't see anything from JMS outright confirming this. I'm sceptical, otherwise surely Ironheart would have known about it? Talia's character seemed to be heading in a different direction).

Jan made an excellent point in another thread that if Kosh was recording her personality he was going about it in a strange way – recording 'fear', 'terror', 'surprise' – this doesn't seem like he was recording a personality. Maybe he was recording her thoughts related to these to use against her, or someone else, in the future as a weapon. This is implied at the end of Divided Loyalties – Sheridan says that they need to find someway to protect themselves from what Talia could do to them, and then Garibaldi remembers Kosh.

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
I think that situation has potential for great drama as by limiting suspicion you also increase tension among the command staff, not just a small chance it might be you or a friend but a belief it very likely is. A debate whether to do it at all and a decision that it must be done for the greater good then tension rising as each of them is cleared coming down to the last person(I'd assume Ivanova) thinking there likely about to die. Lyta could then test Talia much as she does but without any say so from the others which would perhaps be a good hint at her latter beahvour.
I love love love this idea. It fits more with how TV is written these days, than back in the days of B5 when, even though it was telling a story arc, was still episodic in how it went about that. You could imagine that were it being made, this plot line could take up the second half of the season, building up the tension – we know that one of our beloved characters is not who we think they are, but who? Make more of making us think it's Ivanova, build in more red herrings, show the characters all becoming more and more suspicious as they deal with not knowing who to trust, and agonising over whether they or their colleagues are dead people walking, as soon as that telepathic signal is sent, and then the denouement in dramatic fashion.

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