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Re: Which storylines disappointed the most?

Originally Posted by Psi Cop View Post
While the overall story arc of B5 was well done given the constraints of studio, budget, and actors coming/going I found a few storylines disappointing:

1) No 1 beef of all time - The Telepath War. There was none! This despite numerous hints that there was one coming. All we got was 'Jim Jones' Byron leading his lambs to the slaughter...
Certainly it seems more interesting that a lot of what we got in season 5 although it did always seem to be being built up as something that would happen in the longer term. Personally for me the real disappointment was more that Bester personally didn't play a larger role in the 5th season.

By the end of the 4th season he was clearly the most interesting antagonist remaining and whilst he featured a bit more in the final season I would have liked to see him involved in a key part of the plot some how, there seemed plenty of ways that could have been achieved.

2) Mars - Built up as a major story during Seasons 1-3 this arc simply became a device for Sheridan to get to Earth. Not to mention the shoddy actors in the resistance...
Not really sure about this, going more indepth into Mars seems like it could have involved a lot of rather mundane politics.

3) Ivanova - Should have been B5 captain not Lockley (I know there were problems with getting Claudia to sign on) and her latent teep abilities could have developed into a great storyline with Bester and the Psi Corps...
Unsure about this, as I said in the Rising Star thread I think the character is delt with quite effectively with season 1-4 and the finale, arguably not as "complete" as the others as she hasn't broken out of a tragic cycle but that seemed to be the point to me, leaving someone still unresolved with hope for the future.

Sleeping in Light really means you can';t resolve her in season 5 and honestly I'm always had trouble seeing her fit into the Byron story, you could I spose argue day of the dead would have suited her well although it would be more week of the dead.

If your locked into leaving her character unresolved honestly what I would have liked to see a bit more of was focus pre Marcus's death. She was a bit of an odd character in B5 in that she until the very end she never really had a plot that built episode on episode although I spose that might have JMS's intension, to have her story built more as bits and pieces over the whole series. Andrea Thompson leaving when she did might I spose also be an issue as I could see the story we got in Divided Loyalties being spread over several episodes.

4) The Alliance - I expected something better out of the ashes of the Shadow and Earth Wars. Poorly introduced in 'Rising Star' (an episode I despise), it is simply a galactic UN with all its incumbent squabbles. Should've been developed into something greater (as Delenn might say). Something that reflected the almost spiritual nature of the series.
The issue I spose is that Sheridan becoming some kind of demagogue/godhead had been raised as a negative so many times that there was the need to present the alliance as based on something more concrete.

What I think was missing a bit was simply more honest oration by Sheridan and Delenn that could have been inspirational without becoming to messianic. The problem I spose is that it was introduced in a bit of a rush in season 4 and by season 5 the tension was being rebuilt rather than capped off with grand speaches. I think JMS did his best to cover this with Deconstruction of Falling Stars which looked to cover the same kind of themes but it perhaps wasn't quite as effective as several episodes early in season 5(if the earth war ends there as planned) would have been.

5) The First Ones - For beings that are supposed to be almost god-like they never really amounted to much except as an example to the Shadows and the Vorlons to 'get the hell out of our galaxy' (a line that almost ruins the almost perfect 'Into The Fire' episode that ended the Shadow War)...
I think they were best left as they were as a Tolkien like "unseen vista", an object of awe and mystery that could have been lost if they'd been featured more and explained.

6) The B5 movies (except for 'In The Beginning') - A perfect opportunity to tie up loose ends wasted on what? I'm still trying to work it out.
The problem I suspect was that TNT really did not want films carrying on the B5 arc they wanted relatively one off films that more casual viewers might watch. My guess is JMS was fighting to slip in the connections to existing B5 that we got in them and likely wouldn't have got the green light for something like the Telepath war.

7) Crusade and Legend Of The Rangers - Cancelled because they weren't B5. The Rangers/Technomages were not integral to the B5 story. A sequel series should have followed the Psi Corps/Centauri/Narn/Alliance story arcs. A 5 year series on finding a cure for a plague? Wouldn't hold my interest for 5 episodes...
The problem for me was that B5 was designed to tell the story it told, that includes the various races and characters who were created to fit into the kind of plot JMS had in mind. You look to directly take up the torch with a follow up and I think you risk carrying a lot of baggage around and trying to fit a lot of squate pegs into round holes, honestly I think the 5th season suffered a bit from this anyway.

I think JMS might have been better off going directly into the main story he had planned involving Shadow tech and maybe linking it to the Telepath war somehow. That could have made G'Kar and Lyta potential lead characters as well, maybe linking up with some kind of earth force or alliance mission and the Techno mages? kind of a halfway point bertween an entirely new cast and just restarting B5. Lyta would obviously have links into that story and I think G'Kar by that stage was an effective character even outside of stories directly involving his background although I spose the book of G'Quan may have including more on the shadows or maybe the story would somehow relate to his new philosophy?

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