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Re: Worst Acting Performance

To me Martin's performance as Ben Zayn's doesn't give the impression of "bad acting" so much as "misdirected" acting. Some of the guest performances(especially the minor roles) you got the sense that was really all the actor was capable of but Martin's Ben Zayn to me felt like something going really over the top because that's what he thought what was wanted for the role, maybe what he was told?

I do think its notable in season 1 that the show really doesn't have the kind of unified tone we see develop latter, especially in terms of actors performances. I notice as well that both Eyes and Babylon Squared with the only slightly less over the top Major Krantz were directed by Jim Johnston. He did a lot of good work in the series as well of course but at this stage seemed to favour making "outsider" Earthforce officers rather too cartoonish.

Worst performance ever on B5 for me would be from another Jim Johnston episode, the thuggish guy with the iron bar who challenges Sinclair in By Any Means Necessary.

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