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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

I always took "stay close to the Vorlon" as simply advice that Kosh was a powerful ally against the Shadows. Even if Sinclair had some deeper knowledge of the Vorlons it wouldn't really make sense to be critical of Kosh who had a very different mindset to the rest of his race(or at least to the overall actions we see from them).

One thing that always interested me was that dispite seemingly being forced on JMS the shift from Sinclair to Sheridan just seems so natural. I'm not just talking about the hints at Sinclair being Valen early in the show but of the way his character was written. Whilst he has some issues with survivors guilt to me what stands out is how "enlightened" he is relative to Sheridan right from the start. He's really already turned his back on being a "career solider" or even fighting specifically for earth in favour of fighting for the greater good with a good deal of moral insight as to how to achieve this.

I spose that could just have been a different intension for his lead character from JMS at first but I think that by having a switch to Sheridan being a character finding his way a bit more he really does sell the "one who was" and the" one who will be" not just in terms of plot but in terms of the characters themselves. That is you buy that Sinclair was even early on in the series closer to the end of his personal story than Sheridan was when he appears.
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