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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post

That's an interesting idea. Sinclair seemed to work very cautiously around the entire issue of his travel back in time. He seemed completely faithful to the idea of not changing the future, how he truly had what you could call a "fate".

If he thought he could cut the the chase, though, would he have varied his strategy? As tempting as it would be, I suspect that the answer to that is "no".

The defeat came from the combined forces of all the alien races. Could the Vorlons have done it? Or did it take the combined forces that took another 1000 years of development, with Valen's added edge, that was the only possibility for breaking out of this horrific cycle?
I think he might have been torn – change the future and he could alter circumstances meaning he never travels back to become Valen, thus causing a paradox. But at the same time if he knew he could end the threat of the First Ones a 1000 years early, and prevent all the death that was to follow, I think Sinclair might have. The meeting with Lorien would have been interesting. Sinclair had plenty of things to die for – what would he have to live for?

Also, Walkabout was initially meant to air before War Without End, but they changed the production schedule so the two parts of WWE wouldn't get split up, according to JMS on the Lurker's Guide. Also in To Dream in the City of Sorrows, Sinclair writes his message to Garibaldi as a warning about the Vorlons – keep your friends close and your enemies closer – "Stay close to the Vorlon". So if we take that as canon it means Sinclair was already uncertain about the Vorlons. But yes, somehow it all came together rather neatly :-)

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
How can you come up with something that fits so well, and is so interesting as an episode itself, all in crisis mode because of a terrible thing happening to your absolutely key actor in the entire series?

I can understand how writing the vast majority of B5 really took its toll on JMS's health.
Sometimes in a creative process being up against it and under pressure can bring the best results. As a writer, he was probably in his element, I reckon. As a producer, it was probably a nightmare for him making it work!
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