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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

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I think as well the timing of the episode is also down to the fact that it needs to be done before Z'Ha'Dum. Sheridan needs his flash forward to give him the motivation to go to Z'Ha'Dum, and if Sinclair had known about Lorien he may have been tempted to go to Z'Ha'Dum himself and end the war in the past.
Beyond that I think Sinclair going back before the viewer really suspects the Vorlons of having ulterior motives makes sense, Ulkesh's rather cold arrival at B5 in the next episode to me seems to single the start of that. WWE is also the only point that there isn't actually a Vorlon on B5 before Ulkesh is killed, I think that helps with the story as well putting the heroes more on their own.

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