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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

I think this is a fairly average episode. Byron actually doesn't annoy me that much in this one. He isn't overly arrogant and condescending in any of the conversations he has, except perhaps early on at customs where he asks Zach "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" and then goes on about that for a bit. Yes, we get it, you're very erudite.

Really, he makes a LOT of sense in this episode. He loses me only at the very end, where he decides that all of the mundanes on all of the worlds the Vorlons messed with are to blame for the suffering of the telepaths and need to feel his wrath. As though the Vorlons didn't manipulate EVERYONE. I can totally see why any telepath would be distrustful of mundanes in general, because of everything that's been done to them as a group. But that is quite a leap there, Byron. And, what exactly would you have done if the Vorlons weren't gone? Attack their homeworld?

Incidentally, why DO all the telepaths wear black? Is it just so that it's easier for the audience to spot them when we don't know all of their faces? Or is there a reason for it in the story? Like, they're all in mourning until they get their own world, sort of thing? It's weird, because despite the obvious cult-like qualities of that group, they don't seem to be the type to suppress individuality.

The interesting thing about the telepath storyline, I think, is that we, the viewers, are all mundanes. The story makes us sympathize with the telepaths, but we'll always be mundanes and can't view it from any other perspective.

The Hyach-Doh story is alright, even if it doesn't matter much for the overall storyline. I do find the "everyone has to share their medical information for the alliance" story interesting. I'm sort of surprised that the Hyach representative and aide take Franklin's word for it when he says he'll die before he gives away their secrets. We, the audience, can believe it easily enough, since we know about Franklin's background, but these Hyach don't know that. On the other hand, they had their orders, so it doesn't really matter what they believe. Franklin does seem a bit self-righteous about things (it comes natural to him ), but he's angry about the secrecy, he isn't holding these particular Hyach responsible for the genocide committed by their ancestors. I think that's reasonable enough.
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