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Re: EpDis: The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

I almost want to go watch this episode again because it bothers me that I can't remember. As it is, I probably shouldn't be commenting too much on a thing I can't properly remember, but obviously I'm going to anyway

You're right about the buried technology. I do remember the bit about making the gas can look sufficiently old. Amazing that it kept so long!

I'm extremely curious about the climate and available resources on the planet, or in this particular spot where Brother Whatshisname lives. We don't know how the Great Burn affected climate, and how it has evolved over the past 500 years. But, judging from the stuff in that room, they either have immediate access to abundant resources and highly specialized labor, or they have access to some vast trade network.

I think I've figured out what my main issue with that bit is. I like my sci-fi with a very solid background, where everything in the universe makes sense and connects properly. That's true for Babylon 5 in general. But this bit is just this tiny little glimpse into a future we don't know anything about other than what we see in these 10 minutes or however long it is. It just leaves me with too many questions and I can't stand it. That's not to say that that isn't a perfectly valid storytelling style. Just that I, personally, like SOME of my questions answered
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