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Re: EpDis: The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
Idea's can pass down the generations of course.
Absolutely. It seems to me that in this situation, no one on Earth is aware of their past, before the Great Burn. Whatever it was that that first generation was so very against, no one remembers it existed, so what exactly is their hatred focused on? Also it doesn't seem like 100% of the later generations would be on board with these ideas.

When I posted to this thread last week I had just watched this episode, but my memory of it is already a bit vague now. I might be making things up!

I THINK that what we're seeing in that segment is some kind of anti-technology sentiment. But, even if they had gone back to making stone tools, that's still, you know, technology. Perhaps they just went back to a "pre-industrial" type of society, but the contents of that room we see in the segment don't look all that pre-industrial to me. Are they pre-burn antiques? If so, that's some excellent preservation, and it would make me wonder what else was acceptable to keep from the pre-burn days.There's that talk about gasoline engines. Does that mean they're already using steam engines, or are they skipping that whole thing?

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