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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

I mention Trek but actually I think the way JMS calls moral failings to account is actually much closer to Tolkien. Indeed you get the most obvious setup for Ivanova here from a character with the most obvious links to him in Lorien, firstly his "its easy to find something worth dying for, have you got anything worth living for?" message to Sheridan and then his talk directly with her about mortality from Into the Fire.

Talia is definitely a setup for this, that's I would say a situation rather like G'kar in Coming of Shadows where a character has a shot at redemption taken away by outside events. I think she reaction to Sheridan's "death" at the start of the 4th season is also telling in its detachment or at least attempted detachment.

To me the message would be that having a death wish for the "good cause" is not really the ultimate moral answer and not an excuse for a lack of compassion elsewhere. Perhaps as well I would suggest that although Ivanova was fighting the good fight people in this kind of situation generally often don't.

I must admit I do tend to agree with CC that viewed with Sleeping In Light the character if not "complete" had run its course. I think its notable that Ivanova is narrating the ending of Sleeping in Light as she's the character who "carrys on the story" still searching for redemption. Ironically of course if you were to try and carry on the story at the moment it was actually be easiest with her since CC is about the same age today as she's ment to be by the finale.

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