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Re: EpDis: Learning Curve

Ehh, it's not a great episode, but it's OK ... It has some obvious problems, but it's entertaining enough.

I'm a big fan of Puzzle's huge post on the first page of this thread That's a pretty detailed analysis of the legalities involved with the Ranger storyline here. I agree with the people who said that it seems out of place for Delenn to override station command/security so that one Ranger trainee can experience the "terror" part of his training. It makes perfect sense for the Minbari to have such a thing in their training, because, well, they're Minbari, and everything is full of ritual. But, even Delenn expresses in this very episode the sentiment that Rangers are no longer just Minbari, and perhaps the training should be adjusted to better accommodate other races. Still, we're going to take over your station here for a second so this one guy can face his terror.

The actual execution of that part is entertaining enough for me. I enjoy the back and forth between the Ranger teachers.

Something I thought was interesting, and which I never really thought about before: All the Ranger trainees we see in this episode are wearing Ranger pins. Does that mean that one becomes a Ranger as soon as one is accepted to Ranger training? There is no "graduation" ?

About that scene where Garibaldi and Lochley get into it in the mess hall: I think it makes sense for Garibaldi to be so distrustful. That's entirely in character. It also fits with the general Babylon 5 feel that there's no black and white in their disagreement. I do find their frequent arguing a bit annoying. I don't get why so many people applaud when Lochley gives her speech and walks out. THEY all broke away from Earth. I don't see any of them back in the Earth Force uniform. She just said that the people who broke away from Earth sacrificed either loyalty, duty, or honor. Why would you applaud someone saying that about you?

I'm not a fan of the "Sheridan and Lochley had a previous relationship" story, which is still only hinted at here. And how did this not come up before in any conversations between Sheridan and Delenn? Did they never discuss why Sheridan picked Lochley for the B5 command?
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