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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

I quite enjoy The Paragon of Animals, although there's a bit too much Byron for my liking, and even the title refers to the Byron story. It kind of makes it all about that, like how it's hard to think of Grey 17 is Missing as that episode with the Marcus/Neroon fight.

You can count me among those who hate Byron. Which isn't to say I think it's a badly written character. Just that I hate the character. He's not a nice guy. And that's OK, not all characters have to be "nice". It's just that there's so annoyingly much of him. I think it's the arrogance that bothers me most of all. Not just his whole "mundanes are so inferior" attitude, but .. everything about him. The randomly quoting Shakespeare stuff ... (I watched with someone who yelled "Shakespeare was a mundane!" at the TV during this bit. I laughed). I'm also with Estelyn in that his apparent attitude towards the women in his little group squicks me out. He appears to be quite receptive to their adulation, in true cult-leader fashion. It's creepy and gross.

Babylon 5 is always interesting in this way ... The human telepaths clearly have some valid issues that all of us mundane viewers can sympathize with. And then we have this arrogant ass as a champion of the telepath cause, going about it all wrong, too.

I too would have LOVED to have seen this storyline unfold with Ivanova in it. Now THAT would have been interesting. Alas.

I enjoy the declaration of principles bits, although I'm sad to see that all the ambassadors have gone back to their usual unreasonable shouty selves. I also like the Enphili story.
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