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Re: EpDis: The Very Long Night Of Londo Mollari

I like The Long Night of Londo Mollari. This episode does not move the story forward so much, but it does move the character of Londo Mollari forward, which is required for the story to move forward.

I like the visuals in this, and the "dream logic" with Sheridan's outfits changing, and - as everyone else already mentioned - G'Kar as Cartagia. I was kind of pleased to see Refa again, too.

The Lennier storyline ... I'm not at ALL a fan of what happens with that character in the fifth season. I have paid close attention to all Lennier appearances in previous seasons, and there isn't a hint of this angst, anywhere. The closest he comes is when he asks Delenn if she heard what Ivanova said after Marcus' death, about all love being unrequited. Also there's that scene where Lennier tells Marcus that he loves Delenn, to fulfill the requirement of telling someone something he's never told anyone for the rebirth ceremony. But, we've never seen him be anything but loyal and devoted. Seeing him jealous is just weird. It's true that the situation has changed somewhat now that Delenn and Sheridan are actually married, but still, it just doesn't seem to fit. I have wondered before if perhaps Lennier is going through Minbari puberty or something. They do live longer than humans .....

I'm not a fan of Sheridan's little speech when he's watching Londo in medlab. He tells Delenn that Londo's recovery is up to Londo at this point. Basically he's saying that anyone who dies in medlab didn't want to live badly enough ... Does that idea come from his experience on Z'ha Dum?

There's some humorously faulty medical jargon in this, but I can live with it I can also live with dual Centauri hearts that strangely look exactly like human hearts, which evolved for their very specific function ... But that's just the sort of thing you have to live with in sci fi.
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