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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

The Pillars of Creation! Although of course nebulae wouldn't really look like that up close. The Hubble images are false colour, in reality all these colourful nebulae would look mainly red from hydrogen emission. Plus they'd appear quite diffuse up close. But it is cool that they used the Hubble images as backgrounds.

Love the First Ones ships. I've been lucky that I've been able to buy some of the models of the First Ones ships that were originally made for the Babylon 5 Wars strategy game.

I'm in two minds about this episode. Of this 6 episode arc, I think this episode is the weakest in terms of drama. Don't get me wrong, I love the story, the idea of the ancient beings leaving the Galaxy and the younger races stepping up to the plate is awesome. Its just that it ends up being talking heads and I don't find the visuals used particularly interesting - black backgrounds and spotlights, a woman in a block of ice and the Shadows masquerading as various B5 characters. I feel JMS should have just let his imagination run wild here, it almost feels like he's playing it safe and it feels a bit dull. Sheridan lectures his way to a victory, I think it would have been better for the viewer if he could have got his point across by actions somehow, rather than static talking.

I should mention that the Centauri scenes are excellent. Morden's haircut looks rubbish though! Maybe it's a 90s fashion.

I do really like the ending, the shot of B5 outside of the window, getting closer. There's a Minbari ship on patrol - I did wonder if any ships had stayed behind to protect the station in case President Clark's forces took advantage and tried to take the station. Thinking about it, that would have been a hell of a shock if Sheridan had arrived back to find that!

Other little things: I think moving the Lorien/Ivanova scene from The Long Night into this episode hampered the flow of the episode. For one, Ivanova wouldn't just be hanging around, she'd be busting a gut to meet up with the fleet. There has also obviously been a line added to Ivanova's narration at the beginning where she talks about going back to B5 - the audio sounds different. And the scene with Delenn telling Ivanova to "haul ass" seems needless.

When Sheridan and Delenn are talking to the Vorlons and Shadows, there's a weird bit of editing - Sheridan's talking, and there is music in the background, then suddenly it cuts to Delenn and the music just stops suddenly.

Why would the Shadow cloud cause everything to get cold? Are the White Star's jump engines really solar powered?

The shot of the Shadow ships leaving looks like the shot of their ships arriving, just run in reverse.

The end of an era, and the dawn of a new age.

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