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Re: EpDis: Thirdspace

I just watched Thirdspace for the first time in quite a few years ... Well, it was the first time in a while that I watched the whole movie, anyway. I have combed through it more recently to get some scenes to use as illustration of the "evil archaeologist" trope.

It wasn't nearly as terrible as I remembered it. "Evil/clueless archaeologist + dangerous artifact = Oh gods, we're all going to die!" plots tend to immediately trigger my eyeroll reflex, but this isn't the worst execution of that type of story I've ever seen. The "artifact" looks pretty cool, at least. And the completely new, weird alien ships are pretty cool ... Other than that it's mostly just a non-arc episode that goes on for a long time.

Sheridan gets to nuke something again. Kind of amazing he's still able to procreate after all that. I had to laugh at that bit where he's just floating in space in his spacesuit, amidst a giant battle.

The "oh hey, all's well that ends well" at the end bothered me too. Um, a whole bunch of people just died. And your ships are seriously damaged. You're going to need those to go up against Earth ... And how are you going to replace all those dead pilots?

Biggest laugh of the movie is Ivanova saying they've carbon dated the artifact and found it's over a million years old. But, let's be generous and assume that there's a dating method in the 23rd century Babylon 5 universe that is called "carbon dating", but that is nothing at all like what we call carbon dating in the real world 21st century.
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