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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

I don't like this episode AS much as the one right before it, but it does have a lot of good stuff in it. It just kind of makes me sad. It wraps up all these storylines I've gotten caught up in, and it has Marcus' death and Ivanova's departure.

Already mentioned above, but I have to agree: That scene with Ivanova crying on the floor in medlab is utterly heartbreaking. I can't watch that without crying. I have a question about it, though. I'm assuming that the body under sheet in the background is Marcus'. But, don't we see him in a freezer later on? If they were going to freeze him, why do they just let him sit out under a sheet?

Also, it occurred to me today for the first time that people in medlab drop stuff a lot. A couple of doctors (or other medical professionals) walk into the room where Marcus and Ivanova are hooked up to the alien healing device early on in the episode. They're carefully picking their way through the chaos Marcus left in his wake, so they know something is up, yet one of them still drops the stuff she is holding when they see Marcus. There was a similar scene just a few episodes ago (The Exercise of Vital Powers) when Lyta "woke up" one of the telepaths they were experimenting on in medlab. I feel like there have been similar scenes, but I can't say exactly which episodes.


I like the bits with Luchenko. I agree with Estelyn that that character is well-written and well-played, as seen in the different ways she communicates with the press, Sheridan, or anyone else.

Delenn does make an excellent point about Marcus' death. But I still can't help but mope around sadly for a good while whenever I watch this episode.

I always like a G'Kar/Londo scene, but that eye bit, ehh.. Newly enlightened G'Kar is a creeper?
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