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Re: EpDis: Endgame

This is a great episode. One of my favorites, for sure. A fitting conclusion to the "battle for Earth" storyline.

All the space battle stuff is dramatic, exciting, and just plain excellent. I love Sheridan in this. He's always the orator, and this battle is of course a great opportunity for a speech. Grand speeches before battle can easily come out cheesy, but it works here. I love it. And of course, like eveyone in this thread, I love the scene of the Agamemnon coming out the other side of the fireball, saved at the last minute by their former opponent. What I think is interesting about this bit (aside from the fact the Agamemnon seemed to be surrounded by other ships, which has been commented on above) is that it seems to take Sheridan a second to decide to sacrifice himself and his ship. Is the hesitation because of the crew? He didn't hesitate at Z'Ha'Dum, and he didn't hesitate when it came time to send Ranger Ericsson to his death. Why is he hesitating here?

It's indeed sad that Ivanova doesn't get to be at the final battle. And Marcus, alas. I blame Lennier, really He could have lied more convincingly. Not that I wanted Ivanova to die ... Incidentally, was it ever revealed anywhere what exactly she was dying of? Some kind of massive internal injury, I'm assuming? Not that it matters much. Ah this would have been the perfect tragic story if she'd been in season 5. It's been almost 20 years and I still haven't been able to get over it.

The trick with the frozen telepaths was quite unethical. I'm surprised Franklin went along with it. Sure, it won them the war, and as he says in this episode if they'd lost the war, they would have been dead anyway (well, sort of), but that doesn't make it right. He didn't want his notes on Minbari biology to go towards the creation of weapons to be used against them in the Minbari war, even if that meant the annihilation of the human race. But he's ok with using non-consenting human beings as weapons and sacrificing (or potentially sacrificing as the case may be) their lives to save other lives? You can't convince me that that would ever be an ethical thing to do. Not if it saves thousands, millions, or billions.

If you MUST change the title for translation purposes, "Sons and Daughters of Earth" is indeed a great choice. I can't stand dubbing and consider myself quite fortunate, not ever having lived in a place where it's usually done.
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