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Re: EpDis: Between The Darkness And The Light

I like this episode a lot. It has so much really great stuff going on in it, and also some REALLY sad stuff. Aside from the obvious sad ending, I'm always sad when I see Ivanova and Marcus interacting here, because it's the last time we get to see that

The Mars resistance bit with Garibaldi is pretty tense stuff. Number 1 wasn't just ready to shoot him and be done with it, she had already pulled the trigger. Close call there, and very fortunate that Lyta has some Vorlon superpowers now.

I like the Sheridan rescue stuff. It's pretty exciting. The "I'm going to sue somebody" bit is cringetastic indeed, but everything else is pretty good. I also enjoy "Michael, I was going to kick your butt for something but I don't remember what". I find it amusing that "butt" is apparently the strongest word Sheridan can come up with in that situation

Interesting that the League of Non-Aligned worlds has un-buffooned to come to Sheridan's aid. Good for them.

The continuing fight for Earth stuff is all great. Those Shadow technology Earth destroyers look creepy as hell. The White Star fleet looks cool as ever. I'll never tire of watching them maneuver like that.

Sad, sad ending
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