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Re: EpDis: Intersections In Real Time

I'm honestly not entirely sure how I feel about this episode. It's uncomfortable to watch, but I don't HATE it. I also don't love it. I do like that the whole episode takes place inside this facility, so that we're all right there with Sheridan. I also really like the nice-looking man with his packaged lunch doing the interrogating, as other people have mentioned above.

Republibot makes some good points upthread. A) It IS a very clean form of torture. Aside from the initial beating, no one even touches Sheridan at all, other than to drag him where they want him. I disagree that that is necessarily unrealistic, though. Perhaps torturers in the 23rd century have decided they don't NEED to get their hands dirty to get what they want. They have Sheridan on whatever drugs those are, they are depriving him of food and sleep and he's getting quite delusional as we see at the start of the next episode. That might be all they need to do, and this way they can have it done by friendly-looking dudes in suits. No "pain technicians" required. B) If someone can stand up to torture and not give in to the torturer, it might make those who did give in seem "weak". I agree, and I agree it's unrealistic that Sheridan would stand up to it. But maybe he was never intended to stand up to it, he just got rescued before he gave in. Or possibly maybe this was supposed to show that Sheridan is in fact not a regular human anymore, which I would find somewhat problematic.
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