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Re: EpDis: Moments Of Transition

I really like this episode. I'm a big fan of the Minbari civil war storyline, but everything else in this episode is high quality stuff as well.

I'm assuming the reason Delenn didn't include Lennier in her plotting with Neroon is that she knew he would have tried to stop her from sacrificing herself in the Starfire wheel. She told Neroon she would step out after Shakiri did, and he apparently believed her. Lennier never would have believed her. Incidentally whose honor was she protecting by telling that particular lie? She gave Lennier her instructions right before she stepped into the wheel so there wasn't time for him to figure out what she was planning, or to do anything about it. It's interesting that Delenn knew beforehand that Shakiri would step out of the fire. I guess Neroon told her, based on what he knew of Shakiri's character. And, from what we see here, it's kind of a mystery to me how this guy ended up a warrior caste leader.

It's sad there will be no more Neroon, but it was a fitting end for him. Perhaps his last minute conversion was a tad on the dramatic side, but I suppose he was in a great deal of pain while he stood there yelling about how the calling of his heart was religious. And, it fixed everything.

Mr. Bester, like Marcus has a thing for 19th century literature, it would appear. Any story with Bester is interesting. This one is no exception. I'm kind of interested to know how Lyta can tell when Bester is scanning Garibaldi. Obviously, since she's been "enhanced" by the Vorlons she has all kinds of talents we know nothing about, but .. how? Wouldn't she have to be in Garibaldi's head herself to see someone else poking around in there? Or would Bester's presence in Garibaldi's mind disturb the "background noise" to a sufficient extent that she'd be able to tell immediately?

It's sad seeing Lyta get screwed over by everyone. Her job is indeed a thankless one. Can't get a job, and now forced to move to smaller quarters. That scene at the end where she's looking in the mirror, with her new psi corps badge, putting on her gloves is heartbreaking indeed.

Exciting stuff at the end, the war against Earth is on!
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