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Re: EpDis: Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?

Just watched this episode again. More really great stuff. We see Londo has already changed tact with Cartagia, making sure he says all the right things. The moment G'Kar asks for Londo to free Narn in exchange for his help is possibly one of the most significant moments in the series. I love the symbolism of the light falling on G'Kar. He's in probably the worst place a Narn could be – and it is exactly the place he needs to be.

I noticed that the harsh lighting in that scene made the skull cap Peter Jurasik wears as Londo a little too visible. Took me out of the scene a little bit, though it is only the first time I have noticed it.

In one of the previous episode discussions we discussed how Franklin has a habit of putting his foot into it and making a situation worse through his own arrogance, but here we see him find just the right thing to snap Delenn out of it.

I think there are different ways of looking at what Sheridan went through. First there is the symbolism – Sheridan has to come back as someone different, changed, to be able to end the Shadow War, so to be reborn he has to die first. I also think it is partly a test of Sheridan, quite similar to the test Sebastian puts him under in Comes the Inquisitor – and I don't think it is a coincidence that Wayne Alexander played both characters. Lorien isn't going to waste his time with any dumb schmuck who falls down that hole – he wants to know if Sheridan is the right person. Who is he? Why should he live? Delenn gives him a reason to live, just as he was willing to sacrifice himself to save Delenn in Comes the Inquisitor. Maybe there is also a practical aspect – Lorien admitted that it might not work, so maybe he needs Sheridan to meet him halfway somehow and have the willpower to stay alive, to have something worth living for.

I liked how, while Lorien is asking Sheridan 'who are you', Garibaldi was asking his captors, 'what do you want'? Like the prisoners aspect that Estelyn mentions above, there are lots of different themes being reflected in the various plot points.

It is interesting comparing these episodes to Deep Space Nine. The first six episodes of B5 season 4 were airing at the same time as the first six episodes of DS9 season six, and both were essentially six episode arcs. I think both moved quite slowly to begin with, but while DS9 meandered until it reached Sacrifice of Angels, B5 was very purposeful in these first six episodes, there is not a scene wasted.
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