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Re: EpDis: Conflicts Of Interest

I quite like it. There is a lot going on here, with the Garibaldi story mainly, but also "The Voice of the Resistance".

I see Wade has switched his cool jacket out for a pretty spiffy vest ... As a side note, I quite like human fashion on B5. Hats are in style, often combined with some sort of one shoulder scarf thing. I like the shiny lapel buttons, too. Anyway. I'm still not a huge fan of Wade, but I do like the Edgars Industries story. Lise's appearance is sort of totally random. What a coincidence! But, it's OK. I always feel so bad for her when she tells the story of her divorce, and how her ex got full custody of the kid, whom she hasn't seen in over a year. Apparently 23rd century divorce court is SERIOUS business. At least, on Mars it is. Since they're all Earth gov courts, I'm assuming it's like that everywhere. Yikes.

I also like how the Garibaldi storyline starts out in this episode, with the desperate guy and the missing woman (daughter?) and how Garibaldi only charges him 1/3 the regular rate. It sets him up as still a nice guy. Then there's that tense bit with him and Zack where Garibaldi doesn't want to give up his gun. Apparently his programming hasn't just made him more paranoid, but also completely unreasonable

It's really interesting to me that Ivanova didn't think to use the Great Machine on Episolon 3, when she's been trying to solve this broadcast problem for days. Is she so caught up in everything else that is going on that she just didn't think it through? It's weird that no one else suggested it, either. They've used it several times. It seems just as obvious a solution as Dr. Franklin makes it seem when he casually saunters in and suggests it.

I do like the Zathras character(s), so I'm pleased he shows up again. One of them shows up again. Something like that While watching this tonight, perhaps for the first time I thought maybe that scene of him and Ivanova talking goes on a little too long, with no real purpose. Other than entertaining the audience, which I suppose is a legitimate purpose for a scene in a TV show.

Oh, and the Rangers have a new job! I kinda wonder what they have been doing since the end of the Shadow war. I notice Delenn hasn't worn her Ranger One robe in a while, either.

I love the "Voice of the Resistance" broadcasts.
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