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Re: EpDis: Racing Mars

I think this is a fairly solid episode overall, although it has some elements I'm not entirely crazy about.

I'm not a HUGE fan of Captain Jack, but I do like the Keeper storyline, and the weird stuff he keeps doing in an attempt to warn people. Makes you feel bad for him. It's interesting though, that he is able to essentially deceive the Keeper. I guess those things can't tell what you're thinking, exactly. That fits with how Londo must have been able to plot Sheridan's escape from Centauri Prime despite the Keeper.

I enjoy the interaction between Marcus and Dr. Franklin. Even aside from Marcus being really into his newlywed role, the two of them kinda do behave like a married couple.

I'm not entirely crazy about Number 2, but I do like Number 1. I don't know why she's such an unpopular character, really.

More Minbari mating rituals ..... It's amazing anyone on Minbar ever gets anything done, really. It's also amazing they have children at all. Sheridan is such a good sport, going along with all of it. The "Woo hoo?" bit is cheap laughs, but I enjoy it. That elevator scene is so perfectly awkward to begin with. Also, Lennier's expression of disapproval is great.

The Garibaldi / Sheridan bits are very tense and make me quite uncomfortable. Garibaldi almost has some good points here and there, which make it all rather more interesting and uncomfortable. I'm not a huge fan of that Wade character. Cool jacket, though. His cronies just sort of stand around looking menacing, in true Babylon 5 style.
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