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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

Ah, finally I can take a breath again. All that tension-building comes to a head in this one, and it's pretty glorious.

The space battles in this look great, even after 20 years. There's a few new gorgeous nebulae as backgrounds, too. And I just love how the White Stars move.

But this is mostly not about space battles ... I am pleased that the story didn't have the younger races win an actual firefight against either the Shadows or Vorlons, let alone both. Not even a Sheridan trick could have gotten them a victory. Well, I suppose it was a Sheridan trick that .. did the trick in the end, but not in battle. And that is as it should be.

I enjoy the symbolism in the way the Vorlons and Shadows communicate in this one. That might mean it's a bit over the top, because I can be quite thick in picking up on metaphors and such. On the other hand, it might just mean I've watched this many, many times

I think this story, and this outcome makes sense. If you have a universe (or a galaxy, although I get the impression that the two are sometimes used interchangeably on this show, presumably to express that that is the extent of their known universe?) in which older races shepherd younger races until they can take care of themselves, and then move away, then clearly this is that time for the Vorlons and Shadows. I'm not so sure about the other First Ones. But if, of all peoples, the Drazi (purple ... green!) are falling on their swords for the cause, clearly the time has come. The younger races are ready.

I enjoy that conversation between Lorien and Ivanova, where they talk about the perceptions of an immortal being versus those of a mortal, and he tells her only those with a short lifespan can imagine love is eternal, and she should embrace this remarkable illusion, for it might be the greatest gift her race has ever received. I don't think she believes him.

The Centauri Prime bit is great, of course. We all love to see Morden lose his car salesman cool, and get his ... And Vir doing the little wave. He so deserved that. Vir, I mean, although one could say the same about Morden.

And now the real work must begin ...
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