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Re: EpDis: The Long Night

Wow, I'm surprised there's not more posts here ... Is everyone just too blown away to comment? Or is it just that it's a great episode in a series of great episodes? I think this one is really great. It feels like the deep breath before the plunge. The baroque lighting, especially in the Centauri bits adds to the drama quite a bit ...

"Giants in the playground" does sum up the Vorlon/Shadow situation pretty well ..

I like that conversation between Ivanova and Sheridan where she asks him to promise her he won't hold her back. It reminds me of what a tragic character Ivanova really is. I don't think I could properly appreciate that when I was younger. It's such a damn shame we didn't get to see the rest of her planned story.

I would really like to know who all those Centauri are in the secret meeting with Londo. Is that just what is left of the Centauri government? It's so obvious to everyone that they need to do something about the Cartagia situation that they're all on board with this thing? I love how dark and red all these scenes are.

The whole assassination bit is great. Cartagia's outrage, Londo sort of starting to freak out to the point where he tells Cartagia to be quiet, and then Vir having to do the deed. I like how Cartagia's dying words are "No .. I was to to be a god, you understand!

You'd think that drunk Vir would be funny, but it really is just tragic. I love the conversation he has with Londo where Londo tells him he envies his innocence.

That scene where Ranger Ericsson gets ordered to his death is .. interesting. Sheridan clearly made this plan, which includes someone having to die, but he can't quite say it out loud. That makes for the awkward situation where Ericsson is all "don't worry, we won't let it fall into the wrong hands" and everyone in the room shuffles their feet and looks down. There's a lot of self sacrifice in Babylon 5, but I think this is the first time someone gets ordered to their death by someone else. Alas, poor Ericsson.

Incidentally, what is it that Ericsson says at the end of the conversation? It sounds like "Iszil z'ha veni", but I think other characters have said "Enthil z'ha veni" (guessing at spelling again) in other episodes. I know what iszil z'ha and enthil z'ha mean, but what is "veni" ?

I love the ending of this episode, with the largest fleet ever departs to meet their fate at Coriana VI...
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