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Re: EpDis: Falling Toward Apotheosis

This is really good. It's very dark.. In tone I mean, although also in color. I agree with some of the other posters here about the episode title. Pretty much all Babylon 5 episodes have great, clever titles, and I've commented on that in other threads, but yea, this is a really good one.

It's interesting here that Sheridan isn't such a fan of the cult of personality building around him, here.

Ivanova's updates on "the situation" are pretty chilling. It's hard to really grasp the scale of the destruction. The Vorlon's are taking out whole worlds. There is nowhere to run. This is really terrifying.

The Centauri bits are great, again. Cartagia is magnificent, and I really like that Centauri emperor outfit. He wears it rather differently than Turhan did. I love how Cartagia flings the sides of the coat over the armrests of his chair as he sits. Plotting Londo is also great. He's very clever, and again, he knows just how to talk to Cartagia.

The Vorlon fight is pretty spectacular, and, finally, we get to really see Vorlons! They still look cool, even when not projecting their angelic faces. I always loved the idea of the living ships that are bound to individual Vorlons. Kosh gets to sacrifice himself again, good for him

This is also where we learn that Sheridan has 20 years to live, which I suppose is kind of an important plot point ... I like the conversation about this with Lorien and Delenn OK, but I'm not entirely crazy about the engagement ring/proposal bit after that. Like with most things I am not crazy about on B5, that is mostly just due to my own hangups. I think that's a pretty ridiculous tradition and I would like to see it gone before the 23rd century. I do like how awkward Sheridan can get when it comes to relationship stuff

Sheridan's haircut is excellent in this. I am pleased!

Mr.Garibaldi's newly enhanced paranoia comes out right from the start of this season. I remember being really worried about what was going on with him when I first watched this. Even though I now know exactly what is going on with him, the worry hasn't really left. All of his scenes kind of stress me out now!
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