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Re: EpDis: The Summoning

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
I have mentioned before that the Vorlon programming worked really well on me. I still have a hard time thinking of them as "evil", even while looking right at their planet killer. Amazing how that works. Clear evidence of some excellent writing, I would say.
I'm actually the opposite - the Vorlons seem even worse than the Shadows to me (not that I would side with the Shadows either). At least the Shadows seemed to have clear reasoning behind their actions. The Vorlons were very vague in what they wanted, other than obedience (and Sheridan cleverly turns the question back on to them, "what do you want?" and they have no answer) and never tried to explain their point of view to Sheridan. At this point in the series it is clear that Kosh wasn't a typical Vorlon in terms of what he thought was right and wrong. Makes you wonder if he was sent to B5 as an outcast.

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
Also, did he get a haircut on Z'Ha'Dum? His growing hair at the end of the third season sort of irritates me, but I assumed it was like that because with everything going on he didn't have time to get a haircut. It doesn't look so bad in this episode, though
Ha ha, yeah I hated his long hair too! He seems to get it cut sometime between this episode and Falling Towards Apotheosis I guess the haircut is a way to imply he's changed in some way.
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