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Re: EpDis: The Summoning

This is another good one. There's no end to the tension.

That scene with G'Kar in the jester hat, being tortured is extremely disturbing. All the Centauri Prime bits are excellent again ... That whipping scene with the harsh spotlights, and Londo mouthing the word "scream!" at G'Kar .. good stuff.

I agree with Estelyn that the Marcus and Ivanova bits lighten the mood a bit. That "a unicorn?" line is quite amusing, even if Marcus didn't think so. Of course it goes right back to super serious when they discover that massive Vorlon fleet hiding in hyperspace.

I have mentioned before that the Vorlon programming worked really well on me. I still have a hard time thinking of them as "evil", even while looking right at their planet killer. Amazing how that works. Clear evidence of some excellent writing, I would say.

I like the Brakiri's style. Spiffy suits, dark colors, almost a bit gothy-looking. Do Brakiri come in only one variety that happens to look male to us?

It's a fortunate coincidence that Sheridan is such a good orator. Few people would have been able to turn that crowd. I'm kinda with Garibaldi (although he hasn't expressed that yet, here) in that the way Sheridan participates in his own cult of personality here makes me a bit uncomfortable. Also, did he get a haircut on Z'Ha'Dum? His growing hair at the end of the third season sort of irritates me, but I assumed it was like that because with everything going on he didn't have time to get a haircut. It doesn't look so bad in this episode, though
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