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Re: EpDis: Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?

This is pretty great, although frankly, after 20 years, I still have no idea what the hell Lorien is talking about.

I think I'd be a lot more irritated than Sheridan is here, if I were trapped in some kind of cave (or idea of a cave?) with some strange guy who kept answering everything with more questions. Like Elipsis upthread, I don't understand why Sheridan has to accept death in order to live. If someone could explain that, that'd be grand. I can be quite dim

That bar scene is vaguely Star Wars-esque. That creepy bartender and those Centauri guards (what are they doing there?) are kind of like the Babylon 5 thugs from earlier episodes. Almost comical. I do like the interaction between G'Kar and Marucs, although as EnlightenedGkar said upthread, it isn't entirely clear exactly why Marcus is there. Regardess, it's amusing. Marcus is always pretty funny. "Pikal envy" amuses me.

Delenn has so much guilt, but then Sheridan's words (via Dr. Franklin .. was he in there going through all the logs? Quite a task!) "snap her out of it", in the same way Delenn's words snap Sheridan out of ... whatever it was at the end there. The scene of Delenn watching that video is very moving, and I like her resolve when she decides they're going to attack Z'Ha'Dum.

Captured G'Kar ... Londo's reaction is pretty great. Londo is pretty great with Cartagia in general. He's very smart, and very good with words. He know JUST how to talk to Cartagia. Others have commented on this, but I want to reiterate how great that scene is in the cell, where all is dark, except for the bright light that falls on G'Kar after he struck his deal with Londo. So well done.

Seeing Garibaldi imprisoned like that is very disturbing. There's rather a lot of hopelessness in this episode. Mr. Garibaldi's situation sure seems hopeless ...
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