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Re: EpDis: Z'ha'dum

Alas, poor roy batty. His one and only question went unanswered. I don't have the VHS tape or the answer to his question, but I have a similar mystery in my own life, involving what I think are two different versions of Lost Highway, and a whole lot of confusion on my part. I think I know what he must be going through

But anyway.

This is a REALLY good episode. I just watched this and was actually surprised at how good it was. It's weird how that works. I guess I've seen it so many times I figured I knew I exactly what was going to happen, and it's mostly a bunch of talking, right?

Well, no. There is SO much tension in this. It's really well done.

Only recently have I begun to realize how incredibly disturbing it must be for Sheridan to see his DEAD wife show up out of nowhere. He's been mourning her for years, trying to get over her and then suddenly there she is, looking all familiar, speaking with her familiar voice. Can you imagine?

I'm always kind of taken aback by how angry Sheridan gets at Delenn. Yelling, and some pretty strong language ... his reaction is understandable, but I always feel bad for her in that scene. Mixing your "business" and personal relationships is just not a good idea

The two conversations between Sheridan and Garibaldi .. Ahhh tension. We don't know what it is Sheridan asked Garibaldi to do (well, we didn't the first time we watched, anyway ) but it is clearly something really terrible. The weather conversation feels terribly final.

Z'Ha'Dum stuff: Justin. Wow, that man gesticulates. How did I never notice this before? This whole conversation is so weird. And tense. Did I mention the tension? And then Sheridan shoots at some Shadows and there is a fight we can't see, then there's the dead wife again .. and then he jumps

I feel sad for Ivanova at the end there. Corwin looks a bit unsettled, too. And Delenn of course. Very sad. But at least she's got Lennier there with her ...

Great G'Kar voiceover. Incidentally, there's a lot of G'kar names in this thread
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