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Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations

Kosh's death still makes me sad. I've always been so excited about the Vorlons. Even knowing everything that comes after, I guess the Vorlon programming worked on me too because I'm still excited when I actually get to see one, and I want to feel good about them. Kosh, especially, because he seems to have "gone native" in a way, after his time on Babylon 5. He seems to really care about the people there, about Sheridan, for sure. The scene where dying Kosh appears to Sheridan looking like his father is quite moving, as is the scene of his ship flying towards the star. I feel kind of sad for the ship, too.
I agree! For so much of the series the Vorlons are like this mysterious race who doesn't really seem to care about the younger races, just about how they can use them to achieve what they want to happen. But in this episode, you do indeed get the sense that Kosh wasn't like the other Vorlons, that he actually did seem to care for the younger races, and for Sheridan in particular. I was sad to see Morden and the Shadows kill him, and I kinda missed him after that.
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