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Re: EpDis: And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place

A solid episode. There's a few things in it I'm not crazy about, but I agree with everyone here who said that the part where we see Refa's final moments cut with the gospel singing is excellent TV indeed.

That "Z Minus XX days" countdown adds some tension. I like it it.

I could do without the Reverend Dexter / Brother Theo rivalry, but it's not horrible. I do like that those religious leaders are all part of the resistance movement back on Earth, smuggling out information.

I could do without Reverend Dexter's "God created Eve" speech. I enjoy Sheridan's annoyed "so you want me to turn to God, is that it??" comment, only to have the conversation go into a different direction.

I tend to feel sorry for Vir in this one, so I'm with the posters who said they feel he's right to be angry. Yes, sure, he can be relieved that he wasn't implicated in something horrible, and G'Kar came out alright, but that whole thing still sucked for him. Londo threatening his family, being forced to "trick" G'Kar, then the whole telepath business... Poor Vir.

As for the gospel/Refa bit: It is interesting that newly enlightened G'Kar doesn't have a problem with brutal, bare-handed murder. The audience largely doesn't either. It's hard to feel bad for Refa but I'm uncomfortable with his death nonetheless. That is not to say I think that scene doesn't belong. I think it's excellent, as well as perfectly realistic. But, yea. Uncomfortable. I like the part where holographic Londo gestures with his arm, and Refa cringes away from the arm. A nice little detail.

As for the religious service, it's nice (and entertaining) to see both Brother Theo and Lennier participating in the singing
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