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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

I was never quite sure if Anna Sheridan was supposed to be an archaeologist. Is that explicitly mentioned anywhere? I haven't read any books/comics, just going by the stuff in the episodes, but it's entirely possible I missed something. What about Morden? There must have been multiple archaeologists on that ship, but presumably also some other people like geologists, xenobiologists, and who knows what else. (Incidentally, I'm not sure if they are archaeologists as such, or "xenoarchaeologists" or some other made up word like that. It'd be interesting to see how the term would have evolved after alien contact. Presumably at this point the discipline isn't any longer solely concerned with the human past, but with the "sentient past" or some such. In theory, anyway. In practice, we see that IPX and the like are really only interested in getting their hands on some "new" technologies)

I did NOT know that a major character in Crusade was an archaeologist. I am planning on watching that for the first time when I'm done with this current B5 re-watch. This is good to know, now I have some advance warning The character as you describe it sounds similar to the archaeologists in Infection, River of Souls, and Thirdspace.

Indiana Jones is a great example of a fictional archaeologist who is presented as a hero and NOT a bad guy for a change, but he still does a lot of the same things the bad guy archaeologists do in fiction, so he's highly problematic as the "public face" of archaeology. It doesn't prevent me from enjoying an Indiana Jones movie, though. Just like my hangups about this topic don't prevent me from loving Babylon 5 as I do. It does cause me to go off on tangents (not like I don't already have a tendency to do that ... ), and I have strayed pretty far from Messages From Earth in this thread

Anyway, yes, excellent episode
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